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Newsletter - 07.11.2011


CAEN awarded contract for design and production of NA62 Liquid Krypton Calorimeter Readout Modules

The NA62 is an experiment at CERN with the aim to measure the very rare kaon decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar. Carried on at CERN SPS (...)


CAEN unveils the New Multi-channel HV and LV Mainframe system

CAEN proudly introduces the all new Universal Multichannel Power Supply Systems. The new mainframe family takes advantage of decades of CAEN experience (...)


CAEN unveils the A2932 48 Channel 3 kV Common Floating Return Distribution Board with Current Monitor

Together with the release of the SY4527 CAEN unveils the A2932 new distribution board. The board houses 4 Primary High Voltage Channels (...)


DT5780 Compact X-ray and Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Silicon, Germanium and Scintillator Detectors

With the announcement of the DT5780 Dual Digital Multi Channel Analyzer, CAEN makes its first step into the Spectroscopy world (...)

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